"I endeavour to create awareness about our marine ecosystems through my art."


Detroit born and raised artist Michele Witt moved to Toronto, Ontario in October of 1994 after completing a Degree in Fine Art Photography. She soon realized that to continue only with photography would be limiting.  She then set out to forge a new career in jewellery making after graduating from Toronto's George Brown College in 2009.
"As an artist, I am seduced by structure. Structure is smart. Structure is strength. Structure is style. Structure admits function and emits beauty. Structure allows art. In my own art, I continue to be inspired by the seemingly effortless elegance of natural architecture. My current collections reflects the structures within the sea. On the surface, the sea seems random and chaotic. A closer look reveals aquatic patterns and processes that illustrate a structural reality.
Coral and it’s inhabitants are my current love. Recreating it in jewelry is not only an aesthetic tribute but also a heartfelt one."